Free 4-Month Virtual eLearning Internship

Apply for 4-Month Virtual eLearning Internship Programme, 2021 (VeLIP 2021). The VeLIP 2021 aims to equip the participants with the skills required to blend technologies in teaching, learning and assessment and develop Moodle-enabled and OER-enabled open online courses (CC BY Licensed) for India.

Selected Interns will be engaged in:

  1. Learning Moodle, open educational resources (OER), Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Sustainable Development Goals SDG and learning design.
  2. Designing blended online courses
  3. Integrating open educational resources (OER), UDL, (SDG) in online course design and development
  4. Creating Moodle-enabled open online courses
  5. Developing interactive open textbooks
  6. Evaluate open online courses and interactive open textbooks
  7. Presenting virtual e-learning internship programme experience (VeLIP) in a virtual conference along with the mentors
  8. Training 5 pre-service / in-service teachers on designing OER-enabled online courses
  9. Training 5 pre-service / in-service teachers on developing Moodle-enabled online courses
  10. Submitting the project report

Virtual eLearning Internship Programme, 2020 (VeLIP 2020)

The COVID-19 educational disruption has enforced India to transition towards 100% online learning. But, we have acute shortage of skilled eLearning professionals to:

  • convert eContent to interactive content to engage students in active learning
  • design and develop pedagogically rich online courses
  • build teachers’ capacity to design and develop blended online learning courses
  • provide ‘just-in-time’ support to teachers for rapid transitioning to online learning

In order to address the shortage of skilled eLearning professionals in India, our Foundation has designed the 4-Month eLearning Internship Programme (eLIP) and offered the VeLIP 2020 with the following objectives.

  • To familiarize students with Indian NEP 2019 and eLearning requirement in India
  • To expose students to eLearning technologies and tools  – Moodle, eContent Authoring tools, Pressbooks etc.
  • To engage Interns in interactive eContent development and blended online course design, and development
  • To raise awareness about OER materials
  • To engage interns in OER-enabled & Moodle-enabled eLearning courses.
    • To view the open online course developed by our VeLIP 2020 Interns, log in to our Foundation’s eLearning site as a Guest (Click on the  ‘Log in as a guest’ button) to preview the Class 5 Mathematics open online course.

Watch the following video to learn more about our Foundation’s eLearning Internship Programme and our Interns learning and professional development experience.