Koneru Bhaskara Rao & Hemalata Human Development Foundation founded by Dr. Indira Koneru Yalavarthi provides human development opportunities through quality education, skill development, health programmes & sustainable environment.

The KBR & HL Human Development Foundation is established with the following objects:

  • To promote welfare of the society by improving quality in the sectors of education, health, skill development and environment.
  • To provide and support quality educational programmes at all levels of education including schools, colleges, universities in collaboration with government and non-government organizations, with special focus on digital learning, skill development and environment sustainability.
  • To train teachers and other stakeholders at all levels of education on eLearning.
  • To offer vocational skill development programmes in collaboration with industries, government and vocational training institutions and organizations.
  • To improve general health through health literacy, health and hygienic and environment sustainability.
  • To provide and promote sustainable and clean environment solutions, such as water conservation and recycling, soil conservation, green environment, green energy, green building.